Day 50

So. It’s been about two (three?) weeks since I last blogged.

DAMN IT. Told myself I wouldn’t do that. From this moment onward: a blog post every week. So sorry to all my followers out there (all three of you) who had to suffer a whole fortnight without a peep from me. The hiatus can be blamed on my boyfriend. I often blame him for stuff.  


The week before last was my spring break, and Griffin (my boyfriend) took the week off of work to explore three cities in Italy with me. Side note: he works at Discovery Channel producing virtual reality content. He’s way cooler than I am, but doesn’t seem to know it. Shhhhh don’t tell him.

Anyway, you might think roaming around Italy with someone you love sounds super cheesy and romantic… and you’d be right. It was. I truly can’t think of anything not cliche to say. We hit Rome, Florence, and Venice all in a span of six days, and spent the latter part of the week in London. I’m very grateful. We’ll just leave it at that.DSCF9074.jpg DSCF0940.jpgDSCF9183.jpgDSCF0275.jpgDSCF0910.jpg

parents.pngThen, immediately following Griffin’s visit, my parents were here for the week. They overlapped a day so all four of us visited Universal Harry Potter Tour. It was spectacular. A day I’ll never forget. Those who know me know how much Harry Potter means to me. I have little words to convey the sensation of seeing Hogwarts for the first time. Magical.


Unfortunately, my mom suddenly became really sick really fast. It started out as a lost voice, but by day three she could barely leave the hotel room due to lack of energy.  Extremely unfortunate timing. I didn’t get to show them my favorite parts of the city, and they even ended up having to leave early to get her home. She’s starting to feel better now, and waiting to hear back from the doc. I guess that just means we’ll have to come back another time as a family!! (Hint hint mom and dad, I know you’re reading this).

Which brings us to our next section: 


Because my parents left early, it meant instead of spending Saturday with them, I had to participate in the mandatory community service day that my program hosts.

I hadn’t paid attention to the details of the event, because I wasn’t supposed to be attending. We were instructed to report in the meeting room at 7:55am on Saturday to depart, so I blindly showed up in the flat, unaware of the horror that was to follow.

I spent three hours shoveling shit.

After a mile of walking, two tube stop switches, and an hour of commuting all before 9:00am, we ended up at this ecology-environmental place thing. I don’t know, like save the birds, or whatever. I’m all about loving the earth, and serving the community, but scraping bird poop off of wooden rafts in freezing cold water just wasn’t the ideal volunteer opportunity. I found myself actively wishing I was cleaning up trash on the side of the road.

Scooping poop, carrying 80 pound bag of rocks, and talking about different types of fungi and fecal matter… not really my thing. At all.

They showed us pictures of the little baby birds we were helping, and honestly, even then, little sympathy was evoked. Sorry Mother Theresa, not tryna be all ignorant towards environmental matters… but I was supposed to be on the London Eye and doing High Tea with my parents. And instead, I found my ankles soggy  with fecal-invested rocky water. Yum.

I’ve decided to not include pictures in this section. You’re welcome.

~  ~  ~

So my friends, keep in mind: being abroad isn’t all Venetian gondolas and British crumpets. Sometimes it can be really shitty (pun intended).

Cheers (longest shower of my life),




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