London (Dublin)
Day 19

Ireland really blew me away. Literally. Nothing like a status yellow weather advisory alert at one of the world’s most dramatic sea cliffs (390 feet above the Atlantic) to really *put me over the edge* But more on that later.

Good morning friends, or as the Irish would say it, good marn-ing. This weekend was our first 3 day free span of time so a bunch of my friends and I ventured to the land of leprechauns. We were going to try to plan Ireland around St Patrick’s day, but alas, we already have tickets booked to Paris that weekend so we couldn’t. Life is hard.

FUN FACT: I traveled here with a group of 5 other girls but I’m currently sitting in the Dublin airport alone. We made the tragic mistake of buying our plane tickets separately. I was the guinea pig who bought mine first, and turns out I bought the last ticket on my flight. Rookie move. I thought I would be freaked out, but I feel pleasantly okay about it. I’m sitting alone in Ireland at an airport I’ve never been to, and I actually think it’s kinda empowering. That could just be the Guinness talking. It’s been 48 hours since I drank one and I can still feel it brewing in my stomach.

3:30am wake-up call. Cheap flights mean not ideal times. We arrived in Dublin at a ripe 8:30am and were settled into our Hostel by 9:30. DSCF6034

Naturally the first thing we did was eat. In Ireland, the bacon is chewier and the people are friendlier. PLOT TWIST: there are actually very few gingers in Ireland… Low-key disappointed by the lack of red heads. Anyway, we walked by the Dublin Castle and explored Temple Bar Area for a bit. We got ciders before Ubering to the Guinness Storehouse because Ireland is big on drinking in pubs. You know, culture.


The Guinness Storehouse is amazing. It’s incredibly designed and has a very modern feel. The design nerd in me went crazy. THERE’S EVEN AN ADVERTISING FLOOR.


IMG_5766.JPGI wasn’t very good at pouring Guinness. Or the mustache thing. Or drinking it. Really anything Guinness related, I was on the very low side of mediocre. But here’s a pic of me holding one like I know what I’m doing!!!

The way I’m holding the glass is actually the proper Irish Guinness Grip which we learned about on our tour. Totally making that up. Please take a moment to appreciate how dumb my hands look.

Moving on.We had dinner at this restaurant called The Brazen Head. I’ve never felt so emotionally attached to beef stew in my life. Would recommend 10/10.

The Paddy Wagon tour across Ireland/ the day I thought might have been the last day of my life. 6:50AM wakeup call. Sleep wasn’t really a thing this weekend. It was a full day trip with stops all along Ireland. We saw a fishing village, some cool castles, a classic Irish pub for lunch, and the main attraction: The Cliffs of Moher.


As soon as we entered this castle, we literally got owned by a rain/wind storm. We were all drenched getting back onto the bus.


So we end up getting to the Cliffs and our Tour Guide, John, mentions a status yellow weather advisory alert and to exercise extreme caution as large gusts of wind are expected. This was minutes before the bus got stuck and the wind started tipping the bus almost right on its side.

I have never in my 21 years of life experienced winds so violent. I was gripping onto the stone fence for dear life. Three of us couldn’t even go all the way to the top of the cliffs because we were too small and the wind kept knocking us over. Regardless, it was still the most beautiful site I have ever seen. And because I didn’t get to see the top, I’ll definitely be back.

On a final note, it was really nice to miss London this weekend. I guess you don’t realize when traveling how comfortable your host city has gotten. It’s nice, and I’m happy to be on my way back home to the sparkly city.

Cheers (if it’s never windy again, it will be too soon),



  1. Zoe – Dublin is one of my favorite cities! The Cliffs were spectacular when we were there in Nov, we got a sunny day and the next 2 days were closed due to Ridiculous Winds!!!! Glad you are safe! LOVE THE BLOG!!!!!!


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