Day 11

Reporting live from The Tube on my commute home from my internship. The current time is 18:07. I usually head home earlier, around 17:30. Alas, I accidentally stumbled upon The Tower Bridge on my way home and decided to explore a little before descending down under. The amazing sights that this city has to offer are incomparable. Except for my commute to and from my internship where all I see are are armpits. Being short on public transit doesn’t exactly give me the best view when forced to stand. I digress.



I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been here for one week and already I could talk about a million things. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed in my life. A good kind overwhelmed though. I find focusing to be an impossible task. There is so much to take in and so much going on at every given moment. It’s the most wonderful kind of chaos I’ve ever been a part of.

I guess I’ll start with some stupid American mistakes I’ve made.

  • Talked to my boss about my underwear

Note to self: trousers mean pants. Pants mean underwear. Do not ask boss what type of pants I should wear to work.

  • Used my indoor voice which is apparently my outdoor voice

British people don’t talk on The Tube. Or, anywhere really. Americans talk everywhere. Loudly.  

  • Insulted a British waitress

She asked me what kind of coffee I wanted, so I said vanilla. She then rolled her eyes and said, “No, no. We only do proper coffee here. No syrups.” London: where the people are proper, and so is their coffee.   

  • Almost got hit by a car

You’d think after a week you’d get used to the wrong side of the road thing. Nope. Still confused.

  • Got Gretchen-Wienered by a bus

If you don’t hail the bus when it’s passing, it will just keep going. A mere lack of waving, and the bus literally said to me, “You can’t sit with us.”

Anyway, here’s something one of my professors said that I particularly enjoyed. She said, quote.pngSome context: imagine this older adorable, tiny, British woman with a bright purple scarf almost as bright as her lobster red hair uttering these words while longingly looking out the window. It was literally out of a movie. I was surprised when music didn’t start playing.

The best thing about the professors here is that they all practice this belief. My Media and Society teacher lectures under the principle that “academic truth is not the only truth.” My Culture by Design teacher had us tube to Camden on our first day and basically told us to spend two hours getting lost. Every day of class involves an outing to a museum or art gallery or street. Every assignment is about submerging yourself in life. It’s always weird when learning is enjoyable, isn’t it?


There’s a lot to love here. I must say though, one of my favorite things about being here is the sparkly streets. It’s quite rainy here (shocker) but all the puddles always accumulate to the side of the road and create this sort of mirror effect everywhere you go. ~The city that sparkles~  

Also. Burrough Market. Is. Everything. (See burger below):


I’m over jet lag, which is nice. Also, look mom, I made friends!!!


Sarah, Kirby, Emma, Chelsea, and myself. Cool camera around my neck courtesy of my boyfriend. He’s the best (I’m not biased).

We booked tickets to Dublin next weekend. Because you know, why not.

So in summary: London is amazing, I’m going to chase leprechauns next weekend, and underwear is not the best topic of conversation when engaging with your boss.

Cheers (still dreaming about that Burrough Burger),


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